Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The world of clay on Wednesday

OK, to get the rhyme on that to work, you have to say Wednesday the way a kid trying to spell it says it. But, Anne already took the cool friday five thing. I thought about doing a Saturday Six, but there's just no way I can commit myself to blogging about 6 different things every Saturday. So here we go. It may not happen EVERY Wednesday, in fact it might not even be a Wednesday at all when I get around to posting something on this blog. But Anne asked me to have some sort of "column" so here we go. Today, I'm writing about books, Inexpensive books, to be exact. I found some really good deals on some really great books:
Functional Pottery by Robin Hopper, retail price $44.95, special: $15.00
Ceramic Form by Peter Lane, retail price $45.00, special: $20.00
Raku by Tim Andrews (Now out of print), retail price $34.99, special: $25.00
Extruded Ceramics by Diana Pancioli, retail price $27.95, special: $15.00
Clays & Glazes in Studio Ceramics, by David Scott, retail price $50.00, special: $30.00

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