Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Five

As the week winds down, I thought of several little tidbits I've been meaning to mention and I thought I'd start a new regular feature called "The Friday 5" to help everyone wrap up the week.
1. If you have your own blog about pottery stuff, email me at and I'll add it here.
2. Prodigy Wheels by Thomas Stuart have been SO popular that our order has been delayed a little bit. The 15 wheels we have on order should be shipping a week from next Tueday. If you already ordered one, we'll contact you when they arrive here.
3. I'm working on a complete redesign of our website with faster, easier-to-use software. Please bear with me while I focus a lot of my time on that because it means the main website won't be updated as frequently. I'll try to fill you in on my website progress on this blog.
4. Don't forget to visit our home page and click on the link to sign up for the email newsletter. They aren't frequent, but they are very informative!
And finally, 5. Big congratulations to our Dave Sturm - he graduated from KU this semester with all sorts of honors and dean's list accolades and whatnot. Brief warning - his major was Poli Sci, so think twice before engaging him in a political debate. :-) We love ya, Dave!

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Claygirl said...

Actually, we now have 30 Prodigy wheels on order, due in June 19th.
Although an exceptionally high number of these are already sold, there are still a few of them available for claiming.

Also, I wanted to also mention, since a lot of our customers are art teachers, Dave wrote his honors these on NCLB/educational issues. He also looked at the art and music classrooms as part of this thesis. If you want to kill an hour, call and ask him about it.