Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PDF Library - Product MSDS

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. These are very informational files on the safety of each product we sell, from clays to glaze chemicals to glazes. It is important to keep a file readily accessible to everyone that uses the materials in the studio, especially in schools. For dry materials such as glaze chemicals or mason stains that you store in a container, we recommend that you make 2 copies of each MSDS. Put one in a file cabinet or 3-ring binder and the other copy can be taped to the bucket of the glaze chemical - use a ziplock baggie and tape the baggie to the outside of the bucket or bucket lid so the MSDS can be removed/repaced as necessary. For moist clays, full bags of dry clays, or liquid glazes, just store one copy in your file or binder. Make sure everyone in the studio knows where you keep them.

The PDF library also has lots of other good information, such as firing tips, Dawson Kiln Sitter information, and general product information. The PDF Library is a huge work-in-progress, so keep checking back or email us with a request and we'll get new stuff added!

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