Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday Five: June 22, 2007

1. Okay, so the Friday Five is a day late. Oops. It was an uncommonly busy Friday for the middle of June. Speaking of June, the 22nd was Cindy & Dave's 5 year wedding anniversary! They are celebrating by spending a fun-filled weekend in Wichita with the kids and Dave's parents. I'm guessing a trip to the zoo might be on their agenda.
2. Anne W. and the warehouse guys have been working hard all week to get some new plants planted in front of the store. They tilled, composted, planted, and mulched 'til they couldn't mulch no more. But it looks beautiful. I'll probably post a picture next week some time.
3. Did you know that there are other uses for clay? Yes, really! It's not just for pots anymore. If you visit Salon Di Marco & Day Spa here in Lawrence and get a facial, chances are you're being slathered by clay they got right here at Bracker's! If you visit them, ask for Alex - she gives a dynamite facial. You can just feel the stress melting away as she brushes the cool clay over your skin.
4. Former Bracker's employee update: Fritz Keel worked here while attending KU, then left us when the Army commissioned him as an officer when he graduated. He's now living in Oklahoma with his wife, Kelly, and his handsome son, Jesse. He's stationed at Fort Sill where he mentors and instructs young lieutenants to be great leaders.
And finally, 5. I saved the best former Bracker's employee update for last (no offense, Fritz, we still love you!): Dave Root will always hold a special place of honor at Bracker's. He's like the son my parents never had. He started working here right out of high school and through college. He was working with us around the time Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma and passed away, and we couldn't have made it through those tough times without him. Dave has since moved on and started his own business, Atlas Archimedes, creating custom cast concrete features, including some amazing terrazzo applications and unique sculptures. After years of searching, he finally found the right woman for him. Dave and Paige were married a few years ago in Las Vegas, and they recently expanded the family to include their daughter, Poppy. The family visited Bracker's recently so we could all meet the youngest Root.

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