Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bracker's First Fan Letter

I was wondering what to write today in the blog, until I opened my email and laughed out loud. Seriously, out loud. Then I forwarded it to Mom & Cindy and I could hear their laughter filtering through the office walls. So I just had to share:

Dear all,
I was inspired after reading your most recent e-newsletter. I've attached a couple of pix of me at work in my pottery studio wearing one of my favorite shirts; the original "Brackers" tie-dye purchased shortly after you started selling them. I will be in next week to pick up some clay and other goodies, hopefully an XL "25th" tie-dye shirt. You guyz ROCK!!!
Karsten Ewald
Karsten's Klaywerks

ps in regards to the pix....the juxtaposition of the teapot spout being thrown off the hump was purely coincidental, :)

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