Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Five: July 20, 2007

1. First and most importantly, today is the birthday of Cindy Bracker Sturm! Happy Birthday sis, I love you. If you talk with Cindy today, please tell her Happy Birthday.
2. Website Update - I'm almost finished uploading the pictures of the new Spectrum 900 series Low Stone glazes. These low-fire (cone 06 - 04) glazes are unique and visually exciting and are perfect for experimenting by overlapping different colors. Check them out here.
3. I've finally added the information about The Steve Tool. Read all about it and see some pictures of wonderful examples of the textures you can create using The Steve Tool.
4. We have just hired three new staff members, all with ceramics experience. Jeanette will work in the shipping/receiving area, taking over for Lou. Brett and Nick will work in the warehouse and make deliveries. Jeanette and Brett have their BFA degrees and Nick will finish his this fall. We are really excited to be working with such a talented set of people.
And finally, 5. Steve Coburn is our featured customer today. Steve earned his BFA from Kansas State University and now makes wheel-thrown functional pottery in Salina, Kansas. His work can be seen at art fairs and in many gallerys throughout the Midwest, including The Phoenix Gallery right here in Lawrence. His website also offers a shopping cart. I'd encourage other artists to check out his website not only to view his great pottery, but also to explore how he's created a very successful online outlet to sell his pots. It's especially effective for customers from art fairs to place reorders to expand their set of dinnerware or buy a vase that is complimentary to their serving dishes. Not only is is work functional and beautiful, but it's also very useable. In fact, my everyday dishes are a set from Steve (given to me by Mom for Christmas and Birthday presents).

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