Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five: July 5, 2007

1. We are still looking for a few good people to work here. Lou is leaving Bracker's to finish his engineering degree full time, Scott is going to be teaching this fall, Kristin is already in Ecuador, and Mike just told us he's taking a graphic design job, which is appropriate because his degree was all about graphic design. We will miss them, but we're looking forward to teaching a whole new crop of employees our bad puns about clay (it's dirt cheap, don't ya' know!).
2. It's been a disjointed week for us around here since we were closed the first part of the week. It seem strange that it's already Friday - I almost forgot to post today!
3. Are you familiar with Clayart? It's a subscription-based email group that's all about clay. I used to be involved years ago and read it very diligently, but I got way too busy to keep up with it on a regular basis. However, the archives can provide a wealth of information and opinions on a variety of topics. Looking for that perfect floating blue glaze recipe? Wanting to find out how other potters price their pots? Researching a famous potter for a term paper? You can really find almost anything posted in the archives, and all the information comes from potters all over the world (primarily the USA & Canada). Check out the Clayart website for information on how to subscribe or to search the archives.
4. My YouTube video of the week comes from Bill & Maggie Finley of Finley Pots in Mico, Texas. I can't remember when I first came across their pots, but I loved them so much I actually got a few of their luminaries for Mom & Cindy a few years back. Mom got a Texas-themed one (she's originally from Texas) and Cindy got a music-themed luminary (she graduated from KU with a music degree). The pots look really cool in the video and online, but they're even better in person!

And finally, 5. I didn't have a chance to do two things this week: post the recipes for some of the yummy treats we had during our anniversary week and post information about The Steve Tool. I will try to get that done tomorrow, unless we're swamped with walk-in customers. I do want to update everyone that we finally have our shipment of 30 Thomas Stuart Prodigy wheels in. If you ordered one, someone should have already contacted you by now.
Come on in and get 'em soon!

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