Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

We are completely immersed in the back-to-school season right now. This time of year is always a juggling act for ceramics suppliers because almost all of the teachers want their school orders at the same time. Clay is shipping out as quickly as we can get it in even though we got a huge head start this year on stock and deliveries. We started receiving shipments of clay in June to prepare for the rush, and started shipping and delivering after July 1st. September will remain very busy for us, but we like a good challenge. I think we're keeping up to speed pretty well, and that's due to three main reasons:

1. We've been doing this for almost a quarter of a century.
2. Many of our school purchase orders are being sent in early because the teachers are so organized and prepared.
3. We have an amazing staff and the three new guys continue to astound us with their abilities.

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