Saturday, April 19, 2008

Groovy Tools

Groovy Tools are a great alternative for people who loved the high quality Dolan Tools. Groovy Tools are made by Susan & Dave Burge from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Aside from living in a city with a name very close to our city, they're also a very nice couple. Susan is a potter and Dave is an engineer (he confesses to having absolutely no artistic talents). Together, they have come up with a great new concept in trimming tools. Here's what the Groovy Tools website says about their tools:

Groovy Tools is a new concept in trim tools. We start with a blade of the highest quality steel. The 200 SERIES HEAVY GAUGE TOOLS are made from true tool steel. The blade is heat treated, tempered, and then re-treated cryogenically to produce a molecularly superior steel. In our NEW 300 SERIES MEDIUM GAUGE TOOLS we use a high carbon steel that is hardened and tempered to withstand the abrasion from clay but tough enough to be impacted and not break. From the type of steel, to the treating process, right down to the blade angle, this tool was designed to hold an edge.

The finished blade is then mated to an acetate handle that is impervious to moisture. No more worries about wooden handles swelling, blades loosening, or having to wipe your handles with oil. Our handles are light, strong, and will last a long, long time.

The final touch is an ergonomic grip. This gives the handle just a little softness for a better grip with less fatigue. And the bright colors are really groovy!

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