Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dolan Tools

There have been TONS of rumors floating around about Dolan Tools. Here's the actual scoop!
Bob Dolan did NOT pass away. He is definitely still alive and kickin'. However, things have been tough on the Dolan Family lately and they stopped making tools. Dolan Tools have been a really hot commodity and we only have a small handful of turning hooks left (CALL us if you want any of the remaining Dolans - our inventory dwindles on a daily/hourly basis). We could have easily doubled the price and people would have bought 'em, but we left our discounted prices where they were.


Michele said...

My mother is trying to locate a Dolan turning tool that is all wood with a half moon cut out of each end. If you have an info, please contact me. Thank you.

Anne M. Bracker said...

I don't think there are any regular clay suppliers that have any of the Dolan tools in stock any more. You might try one of the Kemper turning tools - it might work: