Friday, July 08, 2005

Web Site Update - AMACO Velvets

Updating the web site with extra information and adding new products seems like a never-ending process. Every once in a while, we start carrying a new product and for some reason I completely miss adding it to our web site. That's what happened with the new AMACO bright reds, oranges, and yellow Velvet Underglazes. I really thought I had added them to the web site, but I was talking on the phone to a customer about them yesterday and realized I hadn't. Big oops! So, that's what I've been working on today. While I was getting the new colors added, I decided to also add extra information about them that is very helpful to tons of potters. I made the short description of the glazes (viewable from the list of multiple items) easier to understand and the long description (viewable when you click on the item link or thumbnail picture) now includes the glaze series description text from the AMACO catalog, as well as a couple of comments that Bracker's thinks are important.

In addition to that, I created a new page that includes the full description plus the color variation chart that describes how the Velvets look when you fire them hotter than Cone 06 to 04. A link to this chart is available in each Velvet Underglaze item long description or you can view it now by clicking on this blog entry link.

Technically, I'm still working on updating the Velvets. By the time on this posting, I've updated all of the pints and about half of the 2 ounce jars. I should be finished with the rest of the 2 ounce jars by the end of the day. Enjoy!

P.S. The glaze chip in this entry is the new AMACO V 387 Bright Red, fired at Cone 05 on a white earthenware clay body.

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