Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NEW Mason Stain Reds!

Mason K5987 Red, Mason K5988 Dark Red, and Mason K5997 Cherry Red (shown here in 1/4# bags for either $10.50 or $10.65 each, depending on color) are brand new encapsulated cadmium/selenium sulfides which are very safe to use and stable from extremely low temperatures to Cone 11/12. They can be used in underglazes, added to existing glazes, mixed with water to an inky consistency and brushed on over glazes, in slips, and even as a body stain. They can also be blended with many of the Mason regular, non-cadmium stains to achieve many variations of colors not normally possible with the chrome-tin crimson/pink varieties. This color is NOT affected by normal amounts of boron and should take reduction conditions under most circumstances!

1 (Can be used as a body stain at high temperatures)
3 (Max Temp = 2300°F)
6 (May be used with or without zinc)

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