Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Teacher's Roundtable Discussion Sessions

The Teacher's Roundtable sessions last year were a great success, and this year will be even better! We have two days of discussion sessions - Saturday, Feb. 11th for K-8 teachers and Saturday, Feb 18th for Secondary teachers. Junior High/Middle School teachers can choose either session (or both!), depending on their own needs. The cost is only $15.00 per day.

We can't stress enough how beneficial this is for teachers of all levels of experience. New teachers are energetic and excited about teaching, but sometimes unprepared for some of the actual classroom stuff they weren't taught in college. More experienced teachers can get bored teaching the same types of projects over and over. The Roundtable Discussion Sessions allow teachers of all levels of experience to learn from each other.

Last year, sessions focused on things like ways to offer exciting projects on a shoestring budget or sharing information on the best ways to navigate the administrative maze. The sessions this year feature an exciting variety of topics. The K-8 teachers can learn about integrating music, math, and other curricula into clay and art; navigating the fine line between encouraging a student and giving them a false sense of accomplishment when assessing their art; and including historic and cultural lessons while teaching art without overstepping the delicate boundaries of religion. The Secondary teachers will be able to share information about teaching figurative sculpture while avoiding the typical high school giggles; testing student abilities with teapot construction and study; integrating music, math, and other curricula into clay and art; and keeping the interest of freshmen in beginning art/clay classes with age-appropriate projects, especially on a budget.

These sessions are geared toward teachers in a school system, but art center teachers could learn a lot too. Anyone is welcome!

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